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How Much Does Furnace Installation Cost?

Furnaces are conceivably the most popular form of central heating in homes all over America. They are simple to use, efficient and very easy to maintain. However, these benefits come at a hefty price. A furnace installations cost may be one of the most expensive within your home, but, nonetheless, it’s a one-off investment and its way better than freezing to the bone every single night during the winter season. Before you go ahead and buy a new furnace or replace an old furnace in your home, make sure you know the average cost to install a furnace so you can avoid overspending or being duped. It would also be wise to brush up on your HVAC lingo in order to stay up to speed when speaking to your contractor.

Understanding Furnace Installation

Though a furnace installation is almost compulsory in every home, you should know that there are many different brands and types available on the market, and not all of them are going to be perfect for your home and its climate. If you install a furnace with capacity that is not properly matched to your homes size, you could experience unnecessary expenses like inflated bills, costly repairs, or even total replacement over time.

Type of Furnace

Among other features, there are four main types of furnaces to choose from:

Natural Gas Furnace: A gas furnace is arguably the most common type of furnace due to its efficiency. For you to have a natural gas furnace installation, your home needs to be on a gas line to access the fuel. These furnaces are therefore not ideal if you live in an outlying area.

  • However, natural gas furnaces can be easily converted into a propane furnace using a kit. A furnace conversion kit typically goes for between ?19 - ?77 depending on your model and includes, valves, jets, burners, and other necessary components. Homeowners can expect to spend between ?925 - ?1,850 on a new natural gas furnace.
  • What Will It Cost To Install My New Furnace?

  • The average cost to install a furnace will vary based on several factors and could range anywhere from ?1,542 to as much as ?5,397, depending on your final choice and the type of improvement you want. You will be well advised to get in touch with a licensed contractor in your area to discuss all your options before you finally decide what is going to work within your budget. Nevertheless, most homeowners should only budget for spending in the region of about ?2,968 - ?3,161.
  • Furnaces are quite expensive to install, but they are an efficient heating source, so many people are moving from the conventional HVAC system to furnace installations. This is due to their efficiency which reduces the total cost of your energy consumption. To ensure your furnace installation provides great service for a long time, make sure there is a warranty included.

    Additional Costs To Consider

    Your overall cost to install your furnace can include a few hidden ones such as:

  • Replacement and installation of new ducting at ?6 - ?9 per linear ft.
  • Furnace and ducting inspection costs can add about ?77 ( sometimes these are free ).
  • Removal and disposal of the old furnace and equipment can cost around ?46, but local recycling companies often do free removals.
  • Air cleaners or humidifiers can add between ?308 - ?771.
  • Variable speed blowers, automatic adjusters, and other furnace enhancements can cost between ?385 - ?616.
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    Useful Information

    Low Cost ?1,642
    Typical Cost 3,084
    High Cost ?5,397
    Please be aware the the cost to install your furnace may vary depending on several factors. Get in touch with local professionals to get a more accurate breakdown of your costs.