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How Much Does Fireplace Cleaning Cost?

The warm and cozy glow of a fireplace is one of nature’s precious gifts. Your fireplace should be intensively cleaned at least once a year to continue enjoying the warm and cozy nights. Fireplace cleaning is more than just sweeping out the ashes. It’s always a good idea to have a professional cleaner who you can trust to inspect your fireplace and remove the creosote – the unburnt wood energy that appears as a black and tarry substance. Before you agree on going ahead with the cleaning, it is important you know how much this service will set you back. A fireplace cleaning will mostly depend on the last time you had your fireplace professionally cleaned.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean a Fireplace?

Below we will discuss the following factors which will influence the final cost to clean a fireplace:

  • type of fireplace
  • how long ago it was last cleaned
  • location

Before you hire anyone to clean your fireplace, we recommend you compare at least 3 estimates from local professionals. This way you get the best service and value for your money.

Type Of Fireplace

Frequently used wood-burning fireplaces should be cleaned at least once a year to remove the creosote buildup. If left unattended, it can lead to chimney fires. Cleaning a wood-burning fireplace involves removing this creosote and ash buildup.

If you need a composite fireplace cleanup, it’s going to cost you more, but it will increase the efficiency of your fireplace as there will be more oxygen to support combustion. Gas fireplaces burn neatly, but it is also important to have them inspected together with the chimney.

The ceramic logs used in gas fireplaces can degenerate and clog up the gas vents. Because of this, you need to have your entire fireplace cleaned out to get it ready for another year of warmth without any incidences.

When Was Your Last Professional Cleaning?

Sweeping the ashes from your fireplace and using a damp piece of cloth to wipe the masonry off is a good way to clean your fireplace and increase its efficiency. But, you also need thorough fireplace cleaning done by professional sweepers to completely remove the creosote buildup. You should do this once a year.

Average Cost To Clean a Fireplace

The least amount you can incur on fireplace cleaning is £77. Depending on the type of fireplace (gas or wood burning stove), the cost can go as high as £230 if there’s a lot of work involved, such as fixing clogged vents in a gas fireplace. However, the average fireplace cleaning cost is around £150 annually. To help you save on cleaning costs, empty your firebox at least once a fortnight or when there is an ash buildup. Only leave an inch of ash for insulation purposes. Always keep the firebox clean and empty when you are not using the fireplace.

DIY fireplace cleaning will not only slow down ash build up but also the buildup of creosote, meaning your next professional fireplace cleaning will be cheaper. Do not use your fireplace as a furnace. A fireplace is only intended to be used for a short time – a maximum of 5 hours. This will keep your fireplace in good condition for longer.

For some professional sweeping companies, the total cost to clean a fireplace includes the time needed to do the actual cleaning as well as dispose of the debris. The cost of equipment used in the cleaning process and the labor costs for the professional sweepers should also be included, so be sure to clarify this before any work commences.

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Low Cost £77
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High Cost £530
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