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How Much Does Fabric Awning Repair Cost? Awnings are a perfect way to securing your windows and the area around your house. They create a convenient space next to your door or patio and are less expensive as compared to creating a permanent structure. Even though the awning frameworks tend to be strong and versatile, the fabric draped over the framework needs constant repair and replacement. Doing frequent repairs and replacements will not only keep your awning looking great but also ensure that it retains its functional relevance in your home. The cost to do a fabric awning repair will vary depending on a couple of factors. Here are some cost estimations and an explanation of the determining factors. How Much Does It Cost To Repair Fabric Awning? Expect to spend anything between £77 and £1,079 on fabric awning repair. The costs to repair fabric awning can pile up quickly if you don’t take care of each problem as it comes up. If the snow bends one of the supporting frames, it becomes a weak link in the entire structure. It could damage the entire frame and cause tears on the awning’s fabric. You can keep the cost to repair fabric awning at the bare minimum if you handle each problem as it occurs. On average, most of the homeowners will spend around $600 on repairs. Most of the money will go into: replacing damaged parts of the frame replacing the old or faded fabric section of the awning repairing any moving or retractable parts

Choosing The Right Contractor Even though most people attach great value to purchasing spare parts and replacements, the choice of fabric awning repair contractor plays a major role in determining your overall bill. The cost to repair fabric awning will vary depending on the hourly rates. Working on your repairs during off-peak months will help you choose a perfect contractor when the demand is at its annual low. If your awning had a warranty cover, you should always contact the seller to get a certified repair contractor. If you don’t have such a luxury, spend some time talking to multiple contractors before identifying the perfect person for your contract. How To Get More From Your Fabric Awning While fabric awning repair is inevitable, a couple of maintenance tricks could help you spread out the cost to repair fabric awnings. They could help you get more years off your fabric awning. Here are some of the most common tricks. Make the right initial investment. It is always wise to buy a strong fabric awning that can endure the elements better. This could cost a bit more but it will be worth it in the long run. Clean your awning frequently. Don’t let leaves or snow sit on it for long. This could weight down the structure or make the canvas grow molds. Always inspect any movable parts of your awning and ensure that nothing is in the way and that they are properly lubricated.

Get Your Free Quote Taking good care of your awning will help cut down on your fabric awning repair bill. It is always better to do small multiple repairs before they develop into a major catastrophe. Simply enter your zip code in the space provided to get a 100% FREE custom quote from local contractors. You don’t have to sign any contracts and there are no hidden costs whatsoever.


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Low Cost £77
Typical Cost £462
High Cost £1,002
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