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Exterior Shutter Installation Cost

Exterior shutter installation can have an overwhelmingly positive effect on the exterior appearance of your home, but how much will it cost?

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How Much Does Exterior Shutter Installation Cost?

Having shutters installed in your home is a top priority for many homeowners for reasons of privacy, aesthetics and so much more. Once the decision has been made to have shutters added to the exterior of your home, the question quickly becomes one of determining the cost to install exterior shutters. Suffice to say, it is not a one-size-fits-all scenario, with a number of factors playing into the final price.

  • In most cases, the price tag on a shutter installation job is going to range in the £1,156 area, but the estimate could come in as low as £616 and about as high as £2,930.
  • How the final cost looks for your specific home is going to depend on the area in which you reside, how many windows you are looking to adorn with shutters, and what type of shutters are desired.

    How Much Will It Cost To Install Exterior Shutters?

    The best way to get a firm handle on the costs around exterior shutter installation is to get estimates from qualified local installers. The materials used for your new shutters as well as the shape will also play into final cost estimates.

    Exterior shutter installation done with wood shutters are often a bit more expensive, whereas plastic and vinyl shutters tend to be more affordable. A local professional will be able to offer a variety of material and style options, along with related pricing.

    Regardless of your reasoning for having exterior shutter installation done, you are going to want to have a good idea on what the cost to install exterior shutters will be. For the best and most accurate price estimates, you are going to want to have a local provider come out to your home and provide a no-cost, no obligation formal estimate.

    What About Fixed Shutters?

    That is right-- some shutters are not even meant to shut. Interestingly enough, this trend of fixed-position shutters is gaining much popularity due to the increasing demand for the aesthetic effect of exterior shutters over the practical needs. Exterior shutter installation for fixed shutters is usually going to be a bit more affordable than functioning shutters.

    Reasons to have shutters installed:

  • They block out harmful UV rays and bright direct sunlight.
  • Shutters add a wonderful aesthetic and dramatically improve a homes curb appeal.
  • Enhanced privacy for occupants of the dwelling.
  • How To Get a Free Estimate

    Exterior shutter installation is in high demand and is increasing in popularity with each passing season.

    Fortunately, getting that information is as easy as entering your postcode into the form provided on this page.

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    Useful Information

    Low Cost £616
    Typical Cost £1,156
    High Cost £2,930
    Please consider prices differ greatly depending on location and specification. For an accurate price, please speak to one of our specialists in your area today.