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Elevator Installation Cost

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How Much Does Elevator Installation Cost?

Having an elevator installed in your home is certainly no trivial matter and it would only stand to reason that any associated costs would not be minimal either. How much the total project will end up being has a lot to do with the exact dimensions and structural design of your home as well as the availability of skilled elevator installation technicians in your area.

Done properly, most elevators would have no problem accommodating mobility scooters and wheelchairs in addition to human occupants. If you are considering adding an elevator to your home, you might be an older homeowner, experiencing some type of mobility issue in regards to your physical health. Having an elevator installed in your home can be an excellent alternative to selling your house simply to find a single-floor property.

For the sake of this price estimation, a standard 15-square-foot, average material grade elevator installation will be used as the basis.

How Much Will It Cost To Install an Elevator?

  • While it is true that elevator installation jobs can vary in cost, it has been found that most jobs come with a final price tag of around £9,250, up to as much as £15,400.
  • Generally, most UK homeowners will pay an average of £11,500 to have an elevator installed.
  • The best way to get a precise estimate is to consult local professionals. You might be thinking to yourself, How can the cost to install an elevator in my home be so high? Opting for an elevator installation in your home can have truly profound effects on how easy it is for you and your loved ones to get around your multi-floor home. Before you begin undertaking this project, we recommend you compare estimates from local elevator installers. Find a contractor that suits your budget and needs.

    Components Necessary In Any Elevator Installation

  • Hiring a contractor and an architect to design and install a vertical shaft in your home to house the elevator compartment.
  • Purchasing of an elevator cab of anywhere from 6 to 10 in height.
  • Installation and configuration of a hydraulic system, capable of lifting approximately 950 pounds of weight.
  • Project approval by your local building planning and code enforcement authorities.
  • These are just the main aspects of any elevator installation job but are certainly not an exhaustive list. You will also have to pay for a control panel, the lighting, the door or gate for your elevator cab, and of course, any related labor charges. It is also quite possible that your home will need a few electrical upgrades to supply power to your new elevator. When all parts and labor are taken into consideration, you will find that the cost to install an elevator can be rather significant, but when compared with the cost of selling and buying a home, it could actually be a rather affordable option.

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    Useful Information

    Low Cost £9,250
    Typical Cost £11,500
    High Cost £15,400
    Please consider prices differ greatly depending on location and specification. For an accurate price, please speak to one of our specialists in your area today.