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Deck cleaning comes in handy when considerable amounts of mold, dust, dirt and other grime collect on composite or wooden decks. These substances can make surfaces slick and give them an unattractive color. To prevent slips and falls, it is best to clean decks at least once every 12 months, and keeping your deck clean regularly will most definitely extend its lifespan.

Power washers, handymen, and deck maintenance firms can perform this service. Some companies also offer to seal decking materials at the same time. It is important to hire a skilled contractor who wont inadvertently damage nearby paint, windows or siding.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean a Deck?

Both labor and equipment are considerable expenses which contribute towards the overall cost to clean a deck while the supplies and materials do not actually make up a significant portion of the price. On average, you can expect to pay around £92 for labor. It takes a substantial amount of time to thoroughly clean every board, step, and railing. Equipment adds approximately £57 to the average cost.

When it comes to deck cleaning, different contractors may use equipment like pressure washers or hoses and brushes while cleaning solutions and protective materials may prove necessary too. Although it takes longer to clean with a brush, this method is far less likely to cause injuries or damage. It is always recommended to compare several quotes from professionals in your region to ensure you get the best job and price for particular deck cleaning project.

What Else Could Affect Deck Cleaning Rates?

The design of your deck has a major impact on the cost to clean a deck. Stairs and railings also increase the total cost because they make the project more time-consuming. However, pricing techniques vary, and some professionals include these items in their standard rates. Likewise, a contractor may or may not charge extra to remove items from the deck before washing it. You can always avoid this fee by moving chairs, grills and, tables beforehand. The cleaning equipment could damage such belongings if they are not moved to a safe location.

Average, Low and High Price Estimates

Deck cleaning is frequently charged by the square foot, but a minimum fee may also apply. The contractor might add a flat fee for each stairway or offer a per-stair price while an extra charge for stairway landings may be added as well. It is also possible that you will have to pay for each foot of railing. Regardless of how pricing is structured, you are not likely to spend any less than £115. This is often the minimum price for washing a small deck.

Homeowners pay £170 for this service on average. However, the cost to clean a deck cleaner might be as much as £300, but this is more likely to happen if you have multiple stairways and railings surrounding the entire deck. These prices may also vary depending on where you live.

Most home maintenance services are more costly in large cities and affluent locales. Deck cleaning professionals may also charge comparatively high rates if you live in a moist climate that promotes mold growth. Regional gasoline prices, equipment expenses and other costs of doing business will have an impact on the total price as well.

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Low Cost £115
Typical Cost £165
High Cost £230
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