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How Much Does Curtain Cleaning Cost?

Curtains and window treatments in your home can collect more dust and dirt than any other textile you may have in your home. Even in newer homes, that have well insulated and sealed windows, dust and dirt can still find a way in and build up on your window treatments.

Curtains and window treatments tend to be quite an investment. You will want to make sure they keep their beauty and color for as long as possible.

Using a professional to take care of your curtain cleaning needs will ensure they remain in pristine condition. We discuss this service and the costs involved.

How Much Will It Cost To Clean Curtains?

On average, a homeowner can spend anywhere from £77, for spot removal or smaller cleaning projects, and up to as much as £460, for a larger or more complicated cleaning.

Of course, your final cost to clean curtains will largely depend on the size of your curtains, the material used in your window treatments and difficulty level of your curtain cleaning.

If there are any special applications or extra measures that need to be taken during the cleaning process, you can naturally expect your total costs for curtain cleaning to increase. On average, most UK homeowners will spend around £150 on their curtain cleaning needs.

Professional curtain cleaning services can handle everything from spot removal on a single panel to full, routine cleaning of all the curtains in your home.

It is important to consider getting more than one estimate for your curtain cleaning. This can give you a better idea of the regional pricing trends in your area. In addition, this also presents a great opportunity to get a personal feel for which contractor is the best fit for your curtain cleaning project.

There are a wide variety of factors which can influence your cost to clean curtains, which can include:

  • Number of curtains that need to be cleaned
  • Curtain material that needs cleaning
  • Condition of your curtains
  • Difficulty level of cleaning needed

Some professional curtain cleaning services will offer to remove your curtains for you, clean them off-site, and re-install them once they are cleaned. Other services have the ability to clean your curtains and window treatments while remaining in place.

With the use of a specially equipped truck and mobile cleaning equipment, your curtains can be cleaned on site. Discussing these kinds of options with your cleaning contractor will ensure you find the best deal to suit your needs and budget.

How Can I Find a Professional In My Area?

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You will receive specifically tailored information regarding your area and the related cost to clean curtains. There is no obligation to purchase, hire, or sign any contracts, and it is a great way to decide what will be possible with your given budget.


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High Cost £390
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