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How Much Does Cabinet Repair Cost? A kitchen’s décor is nothing without a set of attractive cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are not only a necessary utility but also a décor statement that sets a kitchen’s mood. Despite this, most people overlook their kitchen cabinets when repairing or renovating the rest of the kitchen or the house. Just as anything else, your kitchen cabinets will grow old, fade or break down. Hiring a good contractor to handle your cabinet repair is, therefore, inevitable. Here is a basic guide to help you figure out the expected cost to repair cabinets in your kitchen. How Much Does It Cost To Repair Cabinets? Most cabinet repair jobs center on faded varnish or paint, minor scratches, and faulty hinges. Generally, homeowners can handle the painting and staining fine. However, involving cabinet repairs like complete repainting or fixing damaged doors will require a touch of professionalism. The cost will range from £77 to £690. Whilst a good part of this goes into purchasing spare parts. Since a good carpenter can do an amazing cabinet repair job, you should expect a decent per hour rate for the entire contract. Whether repairing a door hinge or an entire cabinet, professional cabinet repair is always recommended if you want them looking as good as new. Be sure to compare at least 3 quotes from reputable contractors in your area, and check references before you do business with anyone.

What Actually Determines The Cost To Repair a Cabinet? Your bill depends on a couple of factors that revolve around the extent of the damage. Painting, in itself, could either be a simple additional layer on existing coat or a complete overhaul that will have the old paint scratched off and the cabinet sanded before repainting or staining. In this case, the carpenter will charge you a per square foot rate. Other cabinet repair jobs could involve replacing faulty knobs, handles or fixing loose hinges. This could be as simple as buying an exact replica accessory and screwing it in place. In this case, you will only pay for the replacement and a small hourly fee – if you aren’t willing to do it yourself. Repairing shattered cabinet panels could be a bit costly, especially if the damage affected the cabinet’s structural strength. Most homeowners will pay an average of £300 for modest cabinet repair jobs while thorough restorations could cost you up to £690. Additional cost determinants include: the type of material used on your cabinet the type of wood you use in replacing damaged panels and doors your regional labor and material market forces

Repair, Refacing or Replacement Sometimes, cabinet repair might not be enough. Severely damaged cabinets will need refacing or replacement. Refacing is cheaper as it involves using wood laminate to cover the visible surfaces of your cabinets. Your carpenter can add a couple of concealed planks to bolster the cabinet’s structural power hence giving you the look and feel of new cabinets without spending a fortune. When to Reinstall The Cabinets Sometimes, faulty installation could be the root cause of your cabinet troubles. Your cabinets will look loose or skewed. In this case, you will have to spend on a professional cabinet repair expert who will re-install the cabinets properly. Chances are that you won’t have to pay for any material – unless the first installation damaged some parts of the cabinet. This should keep the repair job well within the £77 to £690 mark. Get Your Free Estimate Cabinet repair gives your kitchen an attractive and authoritative look. It will keep them functional in their capacity as storage units and kitchen accessories. If you would like a more accurate, localized quote from contractors near you, simply enter your zip in the space provided. You\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll get a 100% free, customized cabinet repair cost quote, and you are under no obligation to hire or purchase.


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