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How Much Does Brick Siding Repair Cost? Brick makes one of the strongest and firmest buildings in the industry. However, just like anything else, your brick will degrade over time. You will have to do some brick siding repair once the bricks or mortar on your siding begins to come loose. The dilapidated siding will not only look ugly but also become a hazard to your family, passersby and the overall integrity of the house. The cost to repair brick siding will always depend on the extent of the damage, and labor/material costs in your regions. Here is a simple guide to help you create a budget estimate. How Much Does it Cost to Repair Brick Siding? Simple repairs like replacing disintegrating mortar or fixing a crack can be perfect DIY projects. These are cheap and are more of maintenance than they are of repair projects. Bigger repair jobs will, however, cost you anything between £385 and £1,002. Expect to spend an average of £848 on most of the brick siding repair jobs that won’t involve replacing big chunks of the siding. The biggest cost determinants are: The location of the damage. Expect to spend more on high areas that are hard to access and work on. Complex designs on the point of damage will affect the cost to repair brick siding. The cause of damage dictates the kind of damage to expect. A falling branch could smash a couple of bricks and the walls support while natural wear and tear would result into superficial damage. The material required for the repair. This could be bricks, mortar and any additional fixtures that were in the original siding.

Cost Breakdowns The costs to install brick siding will boil down to labor charges and material costs. You will have to buy replacement bricks, grout and mortar mix. You might have to spend £6 to £7 per square foot of brick and £2.31 per square foot of grout. The labor needed to do brick siding repair will depend on your location and the amount of work at hand. Since most of the contractors will charge you per hour, more work means more hours, which in turn translates to more labor charges. Expect to spend between £26.99 and £38.56 per hour to have your stone siding repaired. The time to completion will vary depending on the extent of the damage and the complexity of the repair surface.

Other Factors to Consider If you are replacing missing bricks, you might have to replace a whole section to create a perfect brick match. This happens when you can find material that matches the missing or cracked brick. Brick siding repair on walls with intricate design patterns will cost you more. Throw in an extra day worth of labor charges to offset this. Severe damage could force you to address the structural integrity of the wall. Always do a complete inspection to ensure that you don’t cover up underlying problemsEnsure that you get a time to completion estimate from the contractor before signing a deal. This will help you make a better estimate of the overall project costs from the word go. Get a Free Quote You are able to get a 100% FREE brick siding repair quote from a local contractor with no contracts or obligations whatsoever. Just enter your zip code in the space provided on this page to take advantage of this free offer. There are absolutely no obligations to getting your free estimate, so go ahead and enter your zip code now!


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Low Cost £385
Typical Cost £848
High Cost £1,002
1500 Square ft.
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