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How Much Does Brick Siding Installation Cost? Brick siding installation offers a unique blend of durability, strength, and beauty that will not only make your home more attractive but also increase its resell value. While the true brick is the ultimate price, you could get the looks and a fraction of the strength by using cheaper brick siding veneers. Faux bricks will leave room for insulation while real bricks are great insulation in themselves. It is up to you to make the tradeoffs between durability and cost when choosing between veneer and true brick. How Much Will It Cost To Install Brick Siding? The primary determinant of the cost to install brick siding would be whether you choose to go with real or faux bricks. If you choose to work with a veneer, the brick siding installation costs will also vary depending on the type and thickness of the veneer. Expect to part with as little as £6,939 per 1000 square feet when using the cheapest veneer and simple installation process. Most homeowners could strike a stunning balance between design and material quality and end up spending about $13000 per 1000 square feet, while those who go for the true brick siding installation should expect to spend as much as £14,650 per 1000 square feet. You will have to get a couple of brick siding installation quotes from local contractors before making your final move. This will help you gauge the local market better and know what to expect when you budget. Compare quotes for a deal that suits your needs the best.

Cost Breakdown The cost to install brick siding will always vary depending on the material you use. First, you will spend a good sum purchasing the material. Secondly, the kind of material you decide to use will determine the hourly rates to expect from the professionals. The cost of the brick veneer will depend on the material and style. Expect to spend between £3.86 and £7.71 per square foot. If you use actual brick, the cost of bricks per square foot will depend on their thickness and quality. You could spend between £4.63 and £11.57 per square foot Additional material like mortar and grout will contribute to the bill. This could roughly amount to £347 per 1000 square feet The labor charges will vary depending on your region and the kind of contractor you hire. Since brick siding installation is involving, you should expect to spend about £53 per hour.

Why Install Brick Siding Brick siding installation will always add value to your home. They will improve yours homes\\\' curb appeal as well as increase its value. The most notable benefits of brick siding includes: A stronger house that can withstand strong winds, storms or other natural catastrophes better Durability will keep your house looking neat and presentable for much longer More insulation against the weather elements hence helping you lower the HVAC bills and insulate your home from outside noise Improved resell value should you choose to place your property on the market How To Get The Best Brick Siding Installation Deal Since the material costs are the main determinants, you should consider shopping around in search for the best deal possible. Buying in bulk or installing during off-peak seasons (late fall or just before winter) will help you cash in on any seasonal discounts. Enter your zip code in the space provided to get a custom brick siding installation estimate from registered contractors in your local area. Its 100% FREE and there\\\'s absolutely no obligation to hire, purchase, or sign any contracts. Give it a try!


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Low Cost £6,939
Typical Cost £10,024
High Cost £14,650
1000 Square ft.
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