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How Much Does Block Wall Repair Cost? If you have recently had an old air conditioning unit removed from a concrete block wall, then you might be wondering how to have this opening repaired. In other cases, water intrusion may have weakened the mortar that holds the block together that is further damaged by the freezing and thawing cycles in colder environments. If this block wall repair is not done properly, then this can result in damage to your foundation or other structural supports in your house. Estimates for block wall repair can vary widely depending on a number of differentiating criteria. The more extensive the damage to the block or brick, the more repair time and material is needed. Finding and matching the proper brick types and colors to the existing house can also increase the overall cost to repair a brick wall. On average, most repairs have incurred costs that range from as low as $70 to highs of around $3,500. With the mean average falling around the $864 to $1,160 range.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Block Wall? Repairing a block wall is a tedious and time-consuming process. First, a trained professional would need to complete a visual inspection of the entire affected area. This would help to determine what mortar and bricks were damaged, and what may be salvaged. The old mortar would first need to be ground out so that the new mortar could be installed in it\\\\\\\'s place. This cost may result in: $200-$500 in the cost of materials involved (remembering that hard to find or expensive materials would certainly run costs higher. Averaging from a low of $238 to $360 for 128 square feet of block wall repair. Labor costs run from a low of $736 to $972 for approx. 13 hours of time for block wall repair. Related materials and other miscellaneous expense for block wall repair will run from a low of $30 to $40. Specialty equipment (if needed) for block wall repair would be around $56 to $78. Block wall repair is not just any easy job for the average homeowner to complete safely. Having a professional come in to complete the job or provide an estimate for repair work is often necessary. We recommend comparing multiple estimates from reputable builders in your location for the best rates and quality service.

The costs for brick or block wall repair will vary as stated previously. More extensive damage will require added expenses. Masons may also charge more if the location of the repair is hard to access or is above the first floor. Specialty equipment or lift machines will also add to the overall cost of the block wall repair. A poor repair job may result in further damage to your home while not repairing the original problem area in the first place. By calling a professional in to inspect your home you can save yourself the worry and trouble of having to perform this time-consuming and important job. How To Get Your Free Quote Remember that the foundation of your home relies on the water resistant properties of the walls above it. If your home walls are in need of repair and you are looking for a registered local brick mason, you\\\\\\\'ve come to the right place. You can get a FREE quote on the cost to repair a block wall right here. All you have to do is simply enter your home zip code in the space provided on this page for tailored information regarding your area and repair needs. Getting a professional in is well worth the peace of mind you will have in return.


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Low Cost $200
Typical Cost $600
High Cost $1,500
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