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How Much Does Blind Cleaning Cost?

Window blinds are made from wood, plastic, and metal. Professional cleaners will clean all types of blinds. From mini blinds, vertical blinds, wooden blinds, roman shades, and micro blinds, professional blinds cleaning offers the best equipment and expertise to keep your blinds clean.

Adjustable slats gather dust frequently, harden from light exposure, and require regular cleaning to minimize allergens in your home. Blinds cleaning will keep every room looking great. Consider the following factors influencing the cost to clean blinds.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean Blinds?

Blinds cleaning includes time and materials that are needed to remove dirt, dust, and stains that have accumulated on the surface of the blinds. Blinds cleaning also includes labor, disposable materials, and supplies used in window blinds cleaning. Typically, this includes removing fingerprint spots, water stains, dust, dirt, and residue from the window blinds. Cleaning cost can range from £77 on the low end, and up to as much as £150 on the high end. Most UK homeowners pay an average of £115 for blinds cleaning.

How Are Costs Calculated?

Professional blinds cleaners usually charge according to size and composition. Professional cleaning services offer free estimates for their work. Many cleaners use an ultrasonic vibration bath for blinds cleaning. To do this, they will remove the blinds, clean, dry, and reinstall the blinds.

A breakdown of the final cost to clean blinds shows us:

  • Cleaning supplies can set you back between £7 and £57.
  • Labor rates may vary by region but generally cost between £38 and £57.
  • Equipment is usually charged £38 for use.

Blinds are tough and can last for ages if they are maintained regularly. Calling in a professional for your blinds cleaning would be the most efficient way to maintain and clean them without causing any damage doing it yourself. Before you hire just anyone, compare estimates from multiple contractors for the most favourable rate and trusted contractor.

How Do Professional Cleaners Determine Cost?

For example, blinds that are less than 9ft (approximately 2.7 meters) long range from £7 to £38. Some companies charge per blind, with rates starting from £4 per foot, and going up to £9 for wooden blinds. Others charge based on the type of service required. If simple cleaners will suffice, costs will be around £7. However, if you need steam brushes or replacement blinds, it could cost you around £70.

What Are Some Additional Costs You May Incur For Blinds Cleaning?

A professional blinds cleaning service may charge additional fees. While these additional costs may add some expense, they are well worth it for the health and aesthetics of your window treatments. These additional fees could range between £38 to £57.

  • Repairing broken blinds
  • Replacing damaged blinds
  • Removing tough stains
  • Ultrasonic vibration baths

What Are The Advantages To Blinds Cleaning?

As you know, blinds are magnets for dust, pollen, dirt, residue, and other fine particulates. These materials can cause you breathing problems, allergies, and sinus issues. Keeping your blinds clean can improve the air quality in your home. Regular cleaning of blinds can reduce allergens and pollutants in your home by as much as 30%.

Besides health benefits, blinds cleaning makes every room in your home look brand new and fresh. Imagine your rooms and windows with a stunning shine and clean look. Cleaning blinds with a professional service is the easiest way to transform every room in the home.

How Do I Hire a Blinds Cleaning Professional?

If you are ready to find a professional in your local area, simply fill in your home zip code in the space provided on this page. You will receive a 100% FREE estimate from registered blinds cleaning experts.

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase, hire, or sign any contracts and it is a great way to decide what is possible should you be working within a budget. It really does not get any simpler, and you have nothing to lose.


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