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Bi Fold Doors Installation Cost

Interior and exterior designers think of bifold doors as a genuine luxury-level addition to a home.

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What are Bi Fold Doors?

Imagine being able to open up the back of your home so that your indoor living space and outdoor gardens became one beautiful, seamless area? If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with a balcony overlooking your gardens and the wider countryside beyond, imagine being able to make the balcony part of an indoor/outdoor entertaining and chill-out zone.

A bifold door is a type of door made from either uPVC or aluminium panels which are securely hinged together. When you open the door, the panels slide along a rail towards the wall and the panels fold up against each other. When the bifold door is fully open, all the panels are neatly bunched together.

Think of the way the body of an accordion or a concertina works when it’s been squeezed to see in your mind’s eye the visual effect created by a bifold door when you open and close it.

Generally, bifold doors use two to seven panels in their construction. The great news is that they are not one size fits all – your bifold doors will be made to compliment their location in your home and the space they open up to.

How Much Are Bifold Doors?

For the most popular uPVC bifold door installations, here are the price ranges you might expect:

Material Used Dimensions Number of Panes Installed? Price
uPVC 2.7m 3 No £1,650-£2,000
uPVC 2.7m 3 Yes £2,400-£2,900
uPVC 4.7m 5 No £2,800-£3,300
uPVC 4.7m 5 Yes £3,800-£4,300

uPVC, a material common in double-glazed windows, allows for colour customization, including a wood-effect paint option.

Aluminium Bifold Doors Prices

Material Used Dimensions Number of Panes Installed? Price
Aluminium 2.7m 3 No £2,300-£2,600
Aluminium 2.7m 3 Yes £2,950-£3,250
Aluminium 4.7m 5 No £4,000-£4,300
Aluminium 4.7m 5 Yes £4,950-£5,350

Aluminium, typically 20-25% pricier than uPVC, allows for colour and effect customization, with the added benefit of slimmer panels that offer more expansive views.

Why Choose Aluminium Over uPVC?

Aluminium bifold doors' slimmer panels mean less frame and more glass, providing more unobstructed views compared to uPVC bifold doors.

Fitting bifold doors

When it’s time to install your bifold doors, there’s a couple of things you need to consider:

  • the current relationship between the inside and the outside space, and
  • the time it’ll take to install your bifold doors themselves.
  • Bifold doors work particularly well when the level of the floor in your outside space is at the same level as your indoor floor. It looks great and the join between outside and inside feels seamless. It’s not essential to have this done before you start, by any means, and there’s nothing to stop you doing the work after the installation, don’t forget.

    Depending on the layout of the room connecting with the outside with your bifold doors, you may need to do some internal work, particularly if there are radiators or electrical switches on that wall. In most cases though, inner preparation is minimal.

    What about the installation itself? Is it worth fitting your bifold doors yourself?

    If you choose DIY bifold door installation, first be confident about your ability to do it. It’s a reasonably major change to your home and it will take a lot of work from you. You won’t be able to do it on your own so if you have friends or family who could help, it’s best to agree a time and a day with them to start the work.

    You will definitely need your DIY bifold door installation to be checked by a building inspector. You could choose one from a private firm or ask the local council. What they’ll do is make sure that your DIY bifold installation conforms with current building regulations. If you don’t get this certificate, it could delay the sale of your home and may put some buyers off entirely.

    The other option is to get a professional company in to do the work for you. You will pay extra for this, of course, but, in most cases especially when you’re not a trained builder, it will be worth it. A professional bifold doors company installer will be keenly aware of the relevant building regulations and s/he’ll want to make sure that everything complies – after all, no bifold doors installer would want a bad review about them to appear on the internet.

    One important thing to ask any potential installer about is whether they are a member of a professional association that allows self-certification of work compliance. An added bonus is also members of a trade body there to represent both installers and their customers.

    Trade bodies to look out for when choosing a bifold doors company are:

  • Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF),
  • The Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA), Certification and Self-Assessment (CERTASS), or FairTrades / TrustMark accreditation
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