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Bathroom remodeling can dramatically affect the value of your home. Come learn more about the cost and prices you can expect to pay in your postcode.

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How Much Does Bathroom Remodeling Cost?

The average cost for bathroom remodeling in the UK starts at around £2,600 for minor updates and can go up to £23,100 for extensive renovations, offering a beautiful way to improve its functionality while also providing a great return on investment by increasing the value of your home. This type of project can vary from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands of pounds, all depending on how extensive you plan to be.

How Much Will It Cost To Remodel a Bathroom?

According to an annual construction cost survey by Remodeling Magazine, a bathroom remodeling project for an average 3.25 - 6.5 sq m bathroom comes in at around £13,800.

This price can, of course, be in the region of £23,100 depending on your unique requirements and how extensive your project will be. Most homeowners, however, can spend less - between £2,600 and £5,300, on smaller essentials for their remodeling.

Smaller bathrooms will naturally cost less to remodel and may only require a few changes like adding some fixtures, changing the layout, some plumbing, electrical, or other minor changes. On average, your cost should come in at around £1,933 per sq m for some remodeling.

Cost Breakdown

Let us consider a few possibilities that will influence the overall cost to remodel your bathroom so that you can start creating a budget. Some elements of larger project costs may include the following:

Service Minimum (£) Maximum (£)
Install Bathtub £300 £6,100
Install Cabinets £900 £10,000
Install Countertops £600 £5,000
Install Flooring £600 £5,300
Install Lighting Fixture £90 £3,000
Install Shower £300 £7,700
Install Sink £140 £5,000
Install Faucet Set £50 £360
Install Toilet £100 £600
Install Walk-in Tub £2,300 £11,500

For less extensive bathroom remodels, also consider the following options:

  • Showerhead and Sprayer: £45
  • Accent Tile: £400
  • Floor Tile: £900 (£8 - £16 per sq m)
  • Plumbing: £380 (£34 - £50 per hour)
  • Supplies: £170
  • Vanity: £740
  • Toilet: £180
  • Electrical: £150 (£50 - £65 per hour)
  • Carpentry: £260 (£53 per hour)

If you are interested in bathroom remodeling, it is highly recommended that you compare quotes from as many professionals in your area as possible. Comparing quotes will give you a clearer picture of how much you can expect to pay as well as allow you to choose a contractor that best understands your bathroom remodeling vision.

Why Remodel Your Bathroom?

It is important that you know what your intentions are for your bathroom remodeling project. Is it simply just for a style or color refresh, do you want a complete overhaul with modern fittings and porcelain ceramics, or is it for a specific family member - maybe you are outfitting it as a senior or kids bathroom. These are the important questions you need to ask yourself before speaking to a contractor. Think of how you would like your bathroom remodeled to blend with the rest of your home.

Your bathroom can reflect on your lifestyle, whether it is a walk-in tub for a senior, a jacuzzi to relax in, or a new shower installation. All the features and accessories you choose will impact your overall cost to remodel a bathroom.

One of the best ways to communicate your ideas with a professional contractor is to provide examples of your vision using pictures from decor magazines and online bathroom design sites. Providing more information ahead will secure a bathroom remodel just how you imagined it.

Bathtub and Shower

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of bathtubs and showers available on the market. A pre-made tub / shower combo that essentially slides into the available space is an extremely popular option. It is efficient, less expensive to install, and usually costs a few hundred dollars. Naturally, this also depends on the size, but when it comes to an inexpensive option, this is the way to go.

A wall-based bathtub is less expensive initially but installing bathroom wall tiles ups the cost. If you have space, opting for a separate bathtub and shower is a great idea and really adds to the value of your home.

This will possibly include new plumbing, and you will also need a contractor. A stand-alone bathtub takes up more space, but this may be essential for some homeowners who require, for example, a walk-in tub for daily hydrotherapy purposes.

How To Get a Free Localized Estimate For Your Bathroom Remodeling

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Useful Information

Low Cost £2,600
Typical Cost £13,800
High Cost £23,100
Average Cost For 35 - 70 sq ft Bathroom
Prices will vary based on the extent of your particular remodeling project. Get in touch with local professionals for a more accurate breakdown of the cost to remodel your bathroom.