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Asbestos Testing Cost

Asbestos was banned in 1977, but still remains in many existing homes nationwide. Check our cost breakdown for asbestos screening costs in your area.

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How Much Does Asbestos Testing Cost?

Today, everybody understands that asbestos is a dangerous carcinogenic material, and asbestos testing is very necessary from time to time. Asbestos and asbestos based materials were used as insulation in housing construction materials well up into the middle 1970s before it was banned. It is a fibrous, flaky material which usually comes in the form of an insulation foam, but can also appear as a brittle tile or brick like composite material.

Because asbestos can come in several different forms and may be intermixed with other materials, it can be difficult to determine whether or not it is present and the only way to tell is when you actually test for asbestos.

Asbestos is generally closed in behind the sheet rock, drywall, or paneling, but it is almost always unsealed and can flake away into light dust fragments which can be accidentally inhaled very easily.

How Much Will It Cost To Test for Asbestos?

Many professionals agree that the average cost of an inspection and removal runs between £1,000 and £3,855, with an average cost of £2,544 for a complete detection and removal service. Asbestos testing alone can run between £231 and £1,619 depending on the size and complexity of the building.

Once asbestos has been detected in an inhabited building, a full inspection is required by law. These are usually carried out in full, in most if not all areas of the United States. This will include attached sheds and freestanding buildings. Inspectors should be trained and certified by either state or federal authorities. They should be licensed in their field of trade and be prepared to submit their references and credentials to the homeowner.

Many people will live in the same home for many years not realizing the amount of asbestos that is in the building all around them. The normal settling of the structure and disruptions of any kind can disturb asbestos dust and cause it to become airborne. Anyone living in a building more than thirty years old should have it inspected to test for asbestos as soon as possible.

Asbestos Removal

After the inspection is complete, the removal process can begin. This usually kicks off with a complete sweep using a HEPA vacuum system to remove any loose asbestos dust and fragments, decreasing the risk of inhalation. This service will usually cost no less than £30 per square foot. Once the HEPA sweep is complete, the actual asbestos removal procedure can begin.

This requires the use of area containment and full body protective equipment for the workers. Removal costs average between £15 to £26 per square foot. By contrast, encapsulation or sealing of asbestos that is deemed to be stable will cost between £7 and £11 per square foot.

After the removal is complete, the inspector will return to perform a full post-removal inspection of the building to assess the success of the abatement. This second inspection will cost between £154 and £308, and the installation of monitors may be required if there is any reason to believe the air quality may pose a health risk.

Water atomizers may also be used to clean the air. The average costs of materials for this stage in the process can go as high as £1,542, but rarely will exceed that figure.

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