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We explore the average cost to repair asbestos siding. Learn what factors influences these costs and get estimates for local asbestos siding repair.

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How Much Does Asbestos Siding Repair Cost? Asbestos was a common construction product not so long ago. It was used quite often in home construction because it was cheap and it offered good fire protection. Countless homes built before 1970 have asbestos in their siding and roofing materials. Once asbestos siding is damaged, you must hire a professional contractor that is licensed in asbestos removal and repair. In some instances, if the asbestos fibers are loose, the siding will need to be replaced. This can be a costly project. Below we will discuss the costs involved in asbestos siding repair. How Much Does It Cost To Repair Asbestos Siding? Asbestos siding repair will cost from around £77 on the low end, up to as much as £1,773 on the high end. Most American homeowners will pay an average of around £925 for asbestos siding repair. What Affects The Cost To Repair Asbestos Siding? The actual cost that a homeowner pays for asbestos siding repair depends on the amount of damage the siding has sustained, whether fibers are loose or intact, and if permits or environmental inspections are required. You may even need to obtain state and federal permits to remove or repair asbestos. Permits can be costly and will add to the time of completion. The professional contractor may also be required to file reports after the work was done to ensure environmental laws were followed. If loose fibers of asbestos material is found in the siding, it may require you to relocate temporarily until the work is complete for safety reasons.

Asbestos exposure can be dangerous. It\\\'s important to have a home checked for asbestos siding damage, especially if it was built before 1970. Luckily there are new siding replacements to match the look and feel of most old designs. An asbestos siding repair professional will be the most helpful when dealing with this hazardous material. What Are Some Options For Asbestos Siding Repair? There are a couple of options to consider when choosing asbestos siding repair. Here are some of the most common solutions: Encapsulation paint over damaged siding ensure all siding fibers are in-tact Covering cover over the damaged siding check for any cracks or breaks in siding Total Removal remove and replace with new materials? siding has too many cracks and loose fibers Asbestos Siding Repair Cost Breakdown The cost to repair asbestos siding using paint, such as latex paint and primer will run about £38 for 100 square feet. The labor will cost around £192 for three hours. Materials and supplies that are usually required for painting, such as, tape, paper, surface repair, among others will cost typically about £30. Finally, equipment needed to complete the job will cost about £46. This may include an electric spray paint gun, sander, electrical cords, or other materials.

What are the steps involved in asbestos siding repair or removal? Here are some steps that a licensed asbestos removal contractor will take to safely remove asbestos siding. The debris and air around asbestos siding can be dangerous. It will be important for the contractor to follow these steps: Place sheeting to catch debris Wear respirators with HEPA filters Post warning signs to stay away from the area All windows should be closed during removal Wear disposable coverall, hood, gloves, goggles, and boots Wet the asbestos debris down with water Work from top to the bottom Wrap asbestos in sheeting and secure with duct tape Proper disposal of asbestos siding Wash and clean all tools Thoroughly clean the area How To Get a Free Quote If you are in need of professional asbestos siding repair, simply enter your zip code in the space provided on this page. You can receive accurate quotes tailored to your location. It\\\'s 100% FREE and there\\\'s no obligation. Get estimates from local asbestos siding repair professionals in your area now.


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