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If your appliances look dated, but otherwise work well, appliance refinishing might be a perfect idea for you. It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s actually quite affordable.

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How Much Does Appliance Refinishing Cost? Whether you just purchased a new home or thinking of sprucing up your old house, the question of what to do with unsightly, old appliances will quickly become a topic of discussion. Some homeowners aren\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t even aware of the option for appliance refinishing and may just rush out and buy all new appliances they can afford. Before jumping the gun and breaking the bank, consider the option of appliance refinishing. You could even get a bulk discount if you elect to have multiple appliances refinished at once. How Much Will It Cost To Refinish an Appliance? The cost to refinish an appliance is actually usually quite lower than the cost to replace one, but those costs can indeed vary. Typically, it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s only about £230 to refinish an appliance, but that amount could range as low as £150 and as high as £530. How much you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re going to have to pay is largely dependent on the type of appliance in question and where you reside. It pays to keep in mind that not all old appliances are great candidates for refinishing. If the appliance in question is no longer functioning properly or has become incredibly energy inefficient, the time for replacement may have come.

Reasons to consider appliance refinishing over purchasing new: environmentally friendly lower cost the ability to keep the old cabinets and countertops in place It should definitely be noted that appliance refinishing is not a DIY-friendly job. Specialized paints and materials are necessary to do the job safely, effectively and in a visually attractive way. If you hire a professional to get the job done, you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll likely still save substantially over the cost of replacing older appliances.

How To Choose a Contractor Get in touch with a local professional who specializes in refinishing to get the best idea of how much it will cost to refinish an appliance. You could be surprised at how affordable it is, especially when compared with the cost of a replacement. Also, it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s rather common to have to make adjustments or entirely replace surrounding cabinets and countertops if a new appliance is of a different size than the ones currently in place. Appliance refinishing avoids this additional effort and related cost. How To Get In Touch With Professionals In Your Area It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s great to know that you have options as a homeowner. Replacing kitchen appliances can make the cost of buying a fixer-upper or renovating your old home\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s kitchen grow to exorbitant proportions. Fortunately, this type of project is usually far more attainable from a price perspective. Simply enter your zip code in the space provided on this page and you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll get accurate, no-obligation, 100% FREE estimate from local professionals skilled in the art of appliance refinishing.


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Low Cost £150
Typical Cost £230
High Cost £530
Please consider prices differ greatly depending on location and specification. For an accurate price, please speak to one of our specialists in your area today.