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An interior decorator will transform your home with professional touches. Learn about average expenses, common billing techniques and how to save when you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re hiring.

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How Much Does an Interior Decorator Cost?

An interior decorator primarily works to make the inside of your home more attractive. He or she can accomplish this by sizing room contents correctly, enhancing flow, and optimizing the lighting. Depending on a homeowners preferences, decorators may follow current trends or create unique styles.

Some interior decorators have the knowledge necessary to design appealing rooms that also conserve energy and improve acoustics. A decorator normally consults with the homeowner regularly while using material samples to preview how a room will look after the work is finished. But, how much do interior decorators charge for their services and how much would it cost to redecorate a room or the entire house? Below we will discuss the costs involved in hiring an interior decorator.

Cost Factors to Consider

Several factors play an important role when you begin to decorate an interior, for example, the size and number of rooms you have. You will also spend more if the professional uses high-quality supplies or a wider range of products, and hard-to-find materials will undoubtedly boost the price. Furthermore, the cost to decorate an interior is heavily influenced by your choice of a decorator.

Professionals have varying levels of skill, material costs and overhead expenses when it comes to calculating the cost to decorate an interior. We highly recommend that you compare as many quotes as possible to ensure you get the most competitive rate available.

How Much Does It Cost To Decorate an Interior?

The cost to decorate an interior on a national average works out to around £4,620 per room, while hiring a professional interior decorator to get the job done can come in anywhere within the £38 - £380 per hour bracket. However, the labor expense may be included in the price of materials. Larger jobs covering multiple rooms will usually be charged on a flat or fixed rate fee.

Customers typically purchase paint, wallpaper, rugs, furniture and similar items through the decorator. Interior decorators receive these items from wholesale distributors and usually add a 20% markup.

How Contractors Bill Customers For Decorating

There are a few different ways for a professional to bill you if you want to decorate an interior. Some companies earn most of their money by charging marked-up prices for materials. Others primarily bill by the hour. Another option is to quote a flat fee for each room or the entire house.

It is more common for decorators to charge businesses by the square foot, but only a few contractors are willing to offer this pricing method to residential customers. You are more likely to pay a flat fee for a large decorating project and hourly rates for small tasks. Regardless of how you pay, a retainer fee is often necessary.

Interior Decorator Cost Estimates

On a national average, you could spend a minimum of £380 on an interior decorator, this would likely only cover a 2-hour consultation. On the high end, you could pay as much as £7,700 - £11,550 on a fixed fee which will cover interior decorating across multiple rooms.

These expenses do not only depend on the above-mentioned factors, but also differ by region. For example, someone in an upmarket neighborhood is likely to pay more because there is greater demand for this service and higher business expenses for contractors.

If you want to decorate an interior but are not quite sure what you want to do, it is usually possible to schedule an initial consultation at little or no cost.

Once you hire an interior decorator, expect to pay a minimum fee equal to about two hours of work. Hourly rates or full-price materials cover several other expenses that generally do not appear on the bill. They include the following:

  • professional licensing fees
  • subcontractor compensation
  • insurance
  • transportation
  • communications
  • Interior designers save you money. Forget thinking they only for the rich and famous. Hiring an interior decorator is a smart decision and definitely something to think about if you have already or plan to invest in your home.

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    Low Cost £380
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