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Window AC Service Cost

Even if you love the warm summer months, you also likely crave a cool escape from the heat. Make sure your window AC unit is serviced and working well.

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How Much Does a Window AC Service Cost?

Your window air-conditioner helps you by keeping you cool on hot Summer days and is exponentially more affordable on the installation side than a central air system. However, just like any other heating or cooling system, occasional servicing will be required.

A window AC service call will usually address certain common malfunctions:

  • evaporator
  • condenser
  • recharge
  • capacitor
  • improper mounting
  • It is actually a rather complicated and technical process and only trained professionals will be able to fully grasp how an air-conditioning unit functions. You will want to hire a professional window AC service technician to assess your situation to determine which component is malfunctioning or if a simple coolant recharge is necessary.

    How Much Will It Cost To Service a Window AC?

    When you feel the sweat beading up and dropping off your forehead, you know it is time to get your AC unit serviced.

  • The cost to service a window AC runs anywhere between ?77 and ?690 depending on the nature of your problem, the type of unit you have and where you live.
  • Some homeowners also have multiple units that may be functioning at varying degrees of efficiency. It makes sense to have all of your units checked out when your window AC service technician visits your home. The average cost to service a window AC is ?230, based on estimates produced in the UK.
  • Preventative Maintenance Works

    It would also be wise for you to contact local window AC service specialists to see which ones can offer a standard, yearly tune-up call. You can easily avoid or significantly prolong the need for extensive repairs on your units by having them serviced on a regular basis. Also, if you had noticed your system not cooling as effectively or as quickly as it once had, you will save money by having a window AC service technician assess the situation right away. An inefficient system will increase your energy bill simply to maintain the same temperatures it once had for a lower cost.

    Get In Touch With a Local Professional Now

    There is absolutely no sense in even running a malfunctioning AC unit for more than a day or two. The energy costs and chances of aggravating the original problem with your unit through ignoring it is not worth delaying a repair job. You should get in touch with a local specialist now to get a more accurate breakdown of the cost to service your window AC system. Fortunately, you can now request a FREE estimate from professionals in your area!

    How To Get Your Free Estimate

    Simply provide your postcode in the space below and you will have the benefit of being able to discuss your situation with trusted, local window AC service specialists. They will assess your units symptoms and offer you a no-obligation, 100% FREE quote for their repair work.


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    Useful Information

    Low Cost ?77
    Typical Cost ?230
    High Cost ?690
    Please consider prices differ greatly depending on location and specification. For an accurate price, please speak to one of our specialists in your area today.