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What Does A uPVC Door Cost To Be Fitted

Whilst there are many types of doors available, uPVC doors win hands down when it comes to value for money.Compared to the classic wooden doors they offer vastly increased weather resistance with less upkeep.

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Whilst there are many types of doors available, uPVC doors win hands down when it comes to value for money. These plastic doors are the cheapest but still offer reasonable durability.

Compared to the classic wooden doors they offer vastly increased weather resistance with less upkeep. They do not warp with weathering and only require light surface cleaning. Average life expectancy is up to 25 years and 10-year manufacturer’s warranties are commonplace.

The multi-point locking systems used are considered very secure. They use a combination of hooks, latches and deadlocks for convenient security.

Fitting new external doors often best left to professional carpenters or joiners. It’s a fiddly job that requires a number of tools, joinery equipment, patience and experience.

Another factor to consider, external doors are a controlled fitting. This means any work will require consent from your local building authority. If workers are not FENSA registered you will need to pay for an inspection. If you cannot obtain a certificate of compliance, you may encounter a problem when trying to sell.

To prevent future headaches, you should consider hiring professional tradesmen who are FENSA registered to fit your door.

How Much Are uPVC Doors?

The average uPVC doors price list ranges between £250-£380. Front, back and side doors are very similar in price. However with front doors, you may consider using extra panels/windows.

These are fully made to measure uPVC doors, designed and built to your requirements.

Final prices for uPVC doors will depend on the following factors:

  • Colours. White is usually standard with uPVC doors, but there is a wide variety of colours choices. Even wood imitation such as Rosewood and Golden Oak are available. These options can add up to £150 onto your final door price.
  • Glass. Plastic doors price will rise depending on your choice of glass. Across the range of clear, tinted, decorative and safety, expect the additional costs to creep up to £50.
  • Door grids. Having Georgian bars and other decorative grids will push prices towards the higher end of the scale.
  • Accessories. Any additional accessories will need to be added to the total price for your door. Examples of prices include letter-plates for £10-£20, Knockers £15, Spyhole £10, Custom Sills £10.
  • – Insulation. Additional insulation within your door may cost around £20. Then you may choose to take it further with sealing tape (£5) or warm edge spacing bars (£10).

How Much is a Double Glazed Front Door?

Doubled glazed uPVC doors are typically priced between £275-£400. Triple glazed windows are also an option but expect the price to increase by £20+

Your uPVC Doors Prices Fitted

Installing a new uPVC door is definitely a job for two people. While the minimum labor charged might be for half a day, it typically requires a full day.

Typical Worker Day Rates:

  • Carpenter: £150 per day
  • Labourer: £100 per day

Example of Typical uPVC Front Doors Fitted:

Labour cost: £250

uPVC door cost: £350

Additional costs: £50

Total: £650

For an additional side panel fitted next to your door, expect to pay an additional £200.

If you're considering having a uPVC backdoor fitted, the job is quite similar and may end up slightly less expensive due to reduced door prices.

It's important to note that fitting uPVC front doors should also include the removal and disposal of your existing door.

Before ordering a new uPVC front door, it's wise to have a qualified carpenter conduct a quick survey for accurate measurements to ensure your new door fits perfectly. If they will also be fitting your door, ensure they are FENSA registered.


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uPVC front doors fitted.

Typical Cost £650

Please consider prices differ greatly depending on location and specification. For an accurate price, please speak to one of our specialists in your area today.