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How Much Does a Phone System Repair Cost? Any office needs a phone system, and like all technology, yours will occasionally require a phone system repair. The most important factor in determining the cost to repair a phone system is to identify the type of phone system you have installed. The most common phone systems include: VoIP PBX Key system units How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Phone System? The average cost of phone system repair can vary significantly based on a handful of factors. The entry level cost of repair starts at $100 on the low end, and can go as high as $400 on the top end. Generally, most Americans spend an average of $200 on the cost to repair a phone system. The following factors all play a direct role in the overall phone system repair cost. number of extensions type of phone system location of the problem software, hardware, or wiring related problem Phone system repair as well as identifying the problem is a job that requires the expertise of a trained professional. Before you hire anyone, it\\\'s recommended that you compare estimates from multiple experts. This will allow you to choose a service that suits you while saving on repair costs.

VoIP VoIP systems use internet connectivity to function. Perfect for small businesses, VoIP systems offer a variety of fancy features. But in order to have a working phone system, you need internet connectivity. Here are some of the more common phone system repair issues: No Dial Tone If your connectivity is good but your dial tone has disappeared, there is probably something wrong with your equipment. There are two options – either your phone is malfunctioning, or you have a faulty cable or splitter. Try unplugging the phone entirely and connecting it directly to the internet. Success? If so, you just need a cheap splitter or phone cable. If you still have no dial tone, you need a new phone unit. Echo Or Static An echo usually means your splitter is bad – one of the cheaper phone system repair options. Static probably means that your battery or wiring needs replacing. Dropped Calls Are your calls going directly to voicemail? That isn’t going to help your business, and it probably means you aren’t connected to the internet. Call your ISP, and if that doesn’t help, take a long, hard look at your router – it may need replacing. PBX Private Branch Exchange phone systems are best suited to larger companies interested in owning, rather than leasing, their hardware. There are a few common problems with PBX phone systems that will require a phone system repair. Busy Signal Although this could be something as simple as a broken splitter, it likely requires a more significant phone system repair. Either the wiring needs replacing, or the central unit needs to be replaced. Either way, a busy signal indicates the need for a phone system repair. Poor Reception Usually, the problem is that other devices connected to the line are interfering with reception. You’ll also want to make sure your devices are fully charged, as sometimes a low battery level will affect reception. If you’ve established that neither of those options are causing your problem, you probably have a wiring issue.

Key System Units KSUs are an older, cheaper option. Suitable for small businesses, they don’t offer much in the way of features, but do offer significant savings. Because these systems are relatively simple, you can usually work through the issue via process of elimination. Try the connections and then the wiring, and if all else fails, examine the central unit. Get Your Free Estimate Generally, a professional will run diagnostic tests to figure out the cause of your problem before offering an estimate on phone system repair. He or she may also offer you the option of hardware upgrades. Remember that your location will impact on these costs. If you would like to contact a local professional for an accurate, 100% FREE estimate, simply enter your postcode in the space provided on this page. There\\\'s no obligation to purchase or hire whatsoever, and you get to consult with experts in your local area.


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