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How Much Does a One Time Maid Service Cost?

Hiring a one time maid service to take care of your home’s cleaning needs is the perfect way out for busy individuals. Reliable cleaning maids will help you keep everything clean and sparkly without having you set aside your precious time to do mundane household chores. The idea of hiring a professional to take care of your household chores could be intimidating. Understanding the expected costs and a couple of factors that affect the cost to hire a one time maid service will put you into perspective when hunting for the perfect match.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a One Time Maid Service?

Different one time maid services feature different payment plans. There are those who will give you a lump sum quote and those who prefer to bill per hour. The average one time maid service should cost about £150.

Most homeowners will spend as little as £77 for smaller cleaning jobs on small households while bigger homeowners could spend up to £230 for a one time maid service.

The overall cost to hire a maid service will mainly depend on:

  • The overall size of the home. The bigger the more expensive it will be
  • Any surfaces that need special cleaning, for instance, hardwood floors
  • Whether you will supply the cleaning agents or not
  • The payment plan you settle for
  • Local wage rates

Do you need your home professionally cleaned, possibly for a special event?

A one time maid service will prepare your home for any occasion. Before you hire the first cleaning company you find, however, we recommend you compare quotes from multiple one time maid service consultants. This way you can choose a plan that fits your exact budget and needs.

Per Hour VS. Per Contract Rates

Even though most contractors like per hour agreements, it is always better to find someone who gives you a flat rate. A flat rate cleaning quote will not only put the one time maid service provider on their toes, but also ensure that you know your exact budget.

Per hour contracts work with an estimate on how long the project might be. The maid will linger around to log the hours no matter how short the actual work was. However, with most providers charging between £19 and £26 per hour, the overall cost to hire a one time maid service could be more or less the same if you get a custom quote.

Sizing Up Your Cleaning Needs

No one cleaning project is similar to another. Every home will have its unique fixtures or tastes and preferences. These go a long way into determining the cost for a one time maid service.

  • Valuable antiques and fixtures that need special cleaning attention will not only consume more time but most probably need expert cleaning skills.
  • High ceilings and windows that require a ladder to reach could increase your bill.
  • The more the rooms you have to clean the more you will have to pay
  • Special rooms like the bathroom, kitchen and attic could fetch different cleaning rates
  • Personal preferences, for instance, going for eco-friendly cleaners or avoiding a specific cleaning procedure to cater for allergic reactions will also affect your one time maid services cost.

Most people prefer working with one time maid service providers out of sheer convenience. They will come and put your house in order when it is of your best interest and convenience. Creating a regular schedule and signing longer contracts could sometimes earn you a discount. Shrewd contracts and a clever choice of cleaning agents could help you save anything between £38 and £115 per session.

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Low Cost £77
Typical Cost £150
High Cost £230

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