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How Much Does a Mural Painting Cost? A professional mural painting in your home can add a lasting impression and is a great way to make a strong creative statement to reflect your taste and style. Of course, as with any home improvement job, or artistic project, there are a lot of unique variables involved with having a mural painted in your house. Whether it’s a modern design, a scenic landscape or something abstract, hiring a knowledgeable and experienced professional will ensure that your painting comes out looking great. Do you really want to end up with something faded, that initially came out looking amazing, after spending precious time, effort and money? What Factors Affect The Cost Of Mural Paintings? Well, what are the specifics of your particular job? Every project will have different variables as discussed, meaning each custom mural painting job will yield a unique final price tag. Keep in mind that options for your mural painting are limited only by your imagination. You are likely to hire a professional artist to paint you a completely original work of art. Consider these factors: size of mural wall surface site preparation mural design paint finish artist skill level

Where you choose to have your mural painting created, the size of the painting and the surface of the wall to be painted on, will all contribute to the cost of your mural painting project. Additionally, the nature and medium of your mural painting design will certainly contribute to the cost. This is because the originality and complexity of a piece of art will determine the cost and demands of the professional artist that you choose to hire. No matter what the condition of your wall, or the type of surface, where your mural painting is located is an important consideration for cost. Depending on the location\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s condition, prep work like cleaning, sanding, patching and debris removal may be required. You and your artist must determine what is necessary in order to prepare your desired location surface for painting. These additional services will certainly add to the overall cost of the project.

What Is The Cost Of Mural Paintings? Knowing beforehand the general cost of mural paintings can help you brace for or avoid sticker shock once the bill arrives. In the U.S., the average range for a mural painting varies widely, from as little as £230 up to a high of £2,300. The average cost most homeowners will pay nationally is around £920. Keep in mind that the single largest factor to consider in the cost of mural paintings is the artist. More so than any other type of home improvement service, a mural painting professional’s personal style will be an essential component of the final result. Who you choose to hire for your mural painting will be the most important decision relating to this project. Additionally, any repairs to damaged walls may require the post-project services of a contractor. This will also add to the total costs of the project. Get a Free Quote If you would like to receive quotes from professional mural painting artists in your local state, simply enter your zip code in the space provided. You will get 100% FREE, absolutely no-obligation estimates from the best mural painters in your area.


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Low Cost £230
Typical Cost £920
High Cost £2,300
Please consider prices differ greatly depending on location and specification. For an accurate price, please speak to one of our specialists in your area today.