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Motorized Curtain Repair Cost

A motorized curtain system is a great feature to have. You might be wondering what to expect to pay for professional repair should something ever go wrong.

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How Much Does a Motorized Curtain Repair Cost?

Motorized curtains are a luxury and convenience option that you might really love having in your home. They do, however, require occasional maintenance. Motorized curtain repair is not insanely expensive, but even a minor glitch in the alignment of your curtains track or a blockage of a line can stop the entire system from operating.

If your system is fully-automated, with timers and high-end remotes you definitely want to keep it in fine working order. Motorized curtain repair is not always incredibly expensive, it is all going to boil down to what exactly went wrong with your system.

Consider the many benefits of functioning motorized curtains:

  • easy and convenient opening and closing of blinds
  • system can be configured on a timer
  • blinds can improve your homes security
  • maximize energy savings
  • How Much Will It Cost To Repair Motorized Curtains?

    While every system is unique and individual parts and labor charges can indeed vary, repair costs are generally pretty predictable.

  • If you are just facing something minor, like having to tighten an electrical connection, your bill could be as low as £100 for the entire motorized curtain repair job.
  • If, on the other hand, there is a need for more major repair work, expect a bill as large as £800.
  • The good news is that in most cases, the cost to repair motorized curtains is only £200.
  • Most common types of motorized curtain damage:

    • deterioration of the electrical system due to age
    • improper tilting of slats from manually forcing adjustments
    • damaged head rail
    • malfunctioning or burnt out motor

    When the professional repair specialist visits your home, you will become aware of the exact cause of your curtain system is malfunctioning and what to expect as regarding your cost to repair motorized curtains. You will also likely learn a lot more about your system and what components are likely to malfunction next while this is happening. This first repair call might also be a good time to get some preventative work done as well.

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