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How Much Does a Misting System Repair Cost? Outdoor misting systems are a perfect way to keep your patio, deck and yard cool and moist during those hot dry summers. Since the misting system uses the evaporative cooling approach, it is the perfect way to keep the outdoors cool enough for family and plants. Keeping your misting system working properly will not only keep you cool and comfortable but also keep your yard lush without forcing you to water it every now and then. Regular misting system repair and maintenance is mandatory if you are to benefit from its impressive features. How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Misting System? Outdoor misting systems could be tricky to repair. Since a bigger part of the system resides underground, the hourly rates and spare parts make misting system repair, sometimes, a bit costly.

Expect to spend anything between £150 and £1,460 depending on the type and extent of the damage. The greater the damage the more you will have to pay to get the repairs done. Most homeowners will, however, spend an average of £460 on their misting system repairs. The cost to repair a misting system will vary depending on: The complexity of the misting system The extent and location of the damage Local demand for repair contractors will affect labor rates The kind of damage in question, such as a nozzle blockage, will be cheaper to sort out as it can just be cleaned. A fried timing board will be more expensive due to the spares and skill needed to handle the repair. Make sure that you know the actual location of your misting system to possibly reduce the amount of time the contractor charges you for. This is one of the best ways to help reduce your labor charges and overall cost to repair a misting system. Also, try comparing quotes from multiple contractors for the best deals and savings.

Signs That Your Misting System Needs Repair The most common form of damage to a misting system is direct damage by lawn maintenance equipment. Running over the misting system head with a mower or puncturing a pipe while maintaining the law will affect your misting system. Repairing such a problem will involve replacing the punctured pipes and fixing the misting system head. The most complex problems affect the misting system and its controller. Fixing these types of problems will need certified technicians who know how to deal with the system’s wiring and circuitries. Whatever the damage, your misting system will manifest damage in the following ways Goes on and off erratically. This could indicate trouble in the circuitry or the main misting system Doesn’t produce sufficient mist. This could be because the pipes are punctured or the nozzles are damaged Visible damage to different sections of the system Low-Pressure Problems Sometimes, the misting system repair might be all about replacing or repairing a faulty compressor. In this case, every other part of the system but the compressor would be in good working condition. The cost to repair a misting system, in this case, will depend on the power and model of the compressor. Always consult a professional before purchasing a new compressor. This will help you identify the root cause of the compressor failure. It would make no sense to replace the compressor without establishing why the current one isn’t working perfectly. How To Get a Free Quote Simply enter your zip code into the space provided on this page for specifically tailored information regarding your area and any related costs of misting system repair. You\\\\\\\'ll receive a no-obligation, 100% FREE repair quote. It\\\\\\\'s a great way to decide what will be possible given your budget.


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Low Cost £150
Typical Cost £460
High Cost £1,460
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