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How Much Does a Hot Tub Service Cost? Hot tub service is something you will eventually have to do no matter which brand or model you have. But, who doesn’t enjoy relaxing in a warm hot tub after a long hard day? While hot tubs are wonderful at relieving stress, the cost to service a hot tub can become a problem of its own when something goes wrong. General maintenance costs are usually under £154 a year, but they can easily run upwards of £7,711. How Much Does It Cost To Service a Hot Tub? Maintaining and servicing a hot tub depends on the type of tub you have and what has gone wrong with it. Consider the following factors which play a major role in hot tub service costs: tub liner difficulty of job size of tub age of tub materials time and labor electrical problems A hot tub service can help you prevent a multitude of problems later on, and possibly save you thousands. Before you begin business with anyone, be sure to check out their references beforehand. We recommend you compare as many quotes as possible in order to get the best value for your money.

Hot Tub Service Cost Breakdown Consider these three categories in a breakdown of the cost to service a hot tub: Low Cost: General maintenance for a hot tub runs up to a couple hundred dollars a year in most cases and can help keep small problems from becoming costly ones. Simple fixes like sealing a crack; replacing a water line; replacing a light bulb or radio speaker, or even changing out an electrical fixture can cost as little as £231. More complicated problems will cost more. Average Cost: In most cases, hot tub service and repair costs usually run about £1,465. This may include bigger fixes like replacing a heat pump; changing a worn jet; installing a new heat cover, or rewiring the unit. Older units may cost more to repair because parts may be more difficult to find. High-End Cost: When it becomes necessary to completely replace a hot tub’s inner workings or even resurface or replace the actual tub lining, costs can skyrocket. Depending on the difficulty of the job; the size of the tub; the amount of time it will take the technicians to complete; and the materials needed for the job, the price of a hot tub service can run as high as £7,711. In some cases, it may be more prudent to replace the tub altogether rather than simply fix what is wrong. In most cases, hot tubs require minimal repair if maintained regularly. Still, things do break from time to time, which requires some servicing.

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Low Cost £1,465
Typical Cost £2,159
High Cost £15,422
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