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How Much Do Fabric Awnings Cost? Awnings are the perfect way to create a thin shade from the searing sun without blocking out the daylight. A fabric awning will do great over your window, patio or door. A good awning installation will not only complement your home but also increase your outdoor space by making your immediate surroundings more useable. Even though you could DIY simple awnings, you will always need the help of a professional to install retractable awnings or any other kind of long lasting fabric awnings. How Much Does It Cost To Install Fabric Awnings? The cost to install fabric awnings will vary depending on the type of the awning, the fabric and the area you want it to span. You can spend as little as £231 on small fabric awnings and up to as much as £848 per unit. Generally, most homeowners will spend around £3,084 for their awnings. A better part of the cost to install fabric awnings goes to purchasing the awning itself. Most awning manufacturers will offer per square foot prices. The actual price tag depends on: The versatility of the awning fabric The quality and strength of the awning framework The number of joints or movable parts in the awning’s framework Any additional finishes or treatment on either the fabric or framework that will make your awning stronger Fabric awnings offer protection from harmful UV rays and add aesthetic appeal to your home or office. Awnings installed by professionals usually carry a warranty, so it\\\\\\\'s in your best interest to get a contractor in for this task. Before you do that, we recommend you compare atleast 3 quotes from local installers. This way you pay a fair price for quality guaranteed work.

Choosing Your Fabric Awnings There are mainly two types of fabric awnings. The fixed type and retractable awnings. Fixed awnings tend to be cheaper as they are easier to manufacture. Retractable awnings need movable parts and more structural reinforcement, hence, they are more expensive. They will be even more expensive if they have sensors and motors to automate the retraction. Understanding The Pros And Cons Of Fabric Awnings Even though most homeowners will buy fabric awnings just because they are cheap, there are loads of benefits that make them ideal for the home setting. A fabric awning will never rust hence making it last for as long as it can endure the UV rays or the wind. These awnings get more patterns and colors into a fabric awning making them ideal in matching up with the existing home décor and color schemes. The only problem is that they have a comparatively shorter lifespan. Bright fabric awnings will fade under the sun and are more susceptible to mold and moss. Moreover, they are rarely sturdy enough to handle strong gales or snow.

Common Awning Fabrics The quality and cost, of a fabric awning, will depend on its material. The most common fabrics in the market include: Cotton canvas is natural hence the most eco-friendly. They, however, tend to fade faster and moisture will damage them if you don’t seal them occasionally. Acrylic awnings tend to hold their own against harsh weather. They are resistant to moisture and fading hence they tend to have longer lifespans than their canvas counterparts. Polyester is in many ways similar to acrylic but slightly better and more expensive. It perfects on all the acrylic features and throws in a complimentary resistance to UV rays making it perfect for swimming pool decks and exposed patios. Installing your fabric awning off-season (mostly autumn or winter) will help you avoid the summer and spring traffic. You will get discounts and better labor rates hence helping you keep your installation costs low. How To Get a Free Quote If you would like to receive FREE quotes from professionals for fabric awnings, simply enter your zip code in the space provided. Because the above prices may be affected by local rates, it\\\\\\\'s better to receive estimates from professionals in your local vicinity. Remember, it\\\\\\\'s a 100% FREE quote specific to your region and you are under no obligation to hire or sign any contracts.


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