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People who truly care about their home treat it with amazing care. Constant maintenance, improvements and remodelling help enrich our lives – by avoiding monotony and changing things up we can stay happy with our living environment for a long time. Because of this, people who work as tradesmen are always busy. There is constantly a house or an apartment filled with new tasks that have to be completed.

It can be hard to find a reliable handyman, especially if you have recently moved to a new neighbourhood. Luckily, the internet almost always has a solution for these problems, and finding reliable tradesmen is now easier than ever. is an online platform that gives you an amazing opportunity to scan through all the available tradesmen in your area, and find one that is best suited to the task. You can get a good idea about the quality of the tradesmen’s work by going over their reviews.

Another good aspect of this platform is that it allows you to become a successful tradesmen firm – all you need to do is create an account there and start looking for clients. So, if you have a wide range of skills at your disposal, the following are some of the most frequent requests on the platform. Do not hesitate to use this window of opportunity.


This is currently the most requested job on, homeowners, companies, restaurants and so on, usually need to install a new fence or repair an old one during the summertime. After all, the fence plays an important role in protecting your property, and it can bring the aesthetics of the place to a whole new level. Needless to say, you must have the skills and equipment necessary to lay out the fence line without entering the neighbouring property. You’ll need to pinpoint the exact location of the corner post and dig a hole that is 20 inches deep. In order for the corner post to stand firmly you’ll need to use concrete to eliminate any air pockets.

Of course, people also request fence repairs, since it is wise to reinforce this garden accessory for the upcoming cold season. People always use their vacations and free time to ensure that the major house maintenance issues are resolved. As a tradesman, you need to use this fact to your advantage, and make a good fresh start this summer. In other words, you should create an account as soon as possible, and use this opportunity to earn some money and develop a good reputation.


One thing each and every one of us should have, in order to get through the scorching summer days, is functioning HVAC unit. The system needs to provide your home with adequate ventilation, as well as maintain air quality, temperature, and humidity levels. This is extremely important, not only to help us cool off, but also to keep our indoor air healthy, and even prevent mold forming on the walls. It comes as no surprise that orders for HVAC units spike during the summer season. There are also jobs that involve HVAC unit maintenance, like cleaning and changing filters etc.

Your job as a tradesman is to answer these calls and to make sure that the HVAC systems are functioning properly. You might also need to install more filter surface area into a ventilation system, since this will decrease the number of necessary filter changes, plus the cost of maintenance will drop. More filters also means lower static pressure, so households save money by reducing the amount of power required for operating blowers and fans.

Bathroom remodelling

Summer is a time of vacations and holidays, so people have more days off, which they tend to use for making major changes to their home. Bathroom remodelling is also one of the most frequent home improvement demands during the summer. No one wants a beat up old bathroom where you need special instructions to use the toilet and wash your hands, or a gloomy mold infested affair that would make your guests think twice before coming over for coffee again.

Breaking the tiles is hard work and clouds of dust start to fly around, so you’ll need to cover the entire place with plastic sheeting. Once the old tiles are removed you’ll need to scrape off the floor tile glue, and prepare it for new ones. It is not uncommon for people to change their sinks, toilets, bathtubs and shower cabins as well. So, make sure you inspect the piping system and repair or replace all the segments which may prove problematic in future.

Solar Panels

Solar power homes are no longer a rarity nowadays and more people are installing them for the following reasons:

You reduce carbon footprint – since this is cleaner source of energy, it makes your home more eco-friendly;

You save about $85 dollars per month on your electricity bill, so it is budget friendly on a long run as well;

Solar panels increase your property value, and are more likely to get the buyer interested in your house.

These are photovoltaic cells, meaning that they harness sunlight and transform it into energy, which is sent to an inverter and converted to electricity that powers your home.

Installing solar panels involves lacing cells on the rooftop and you’ll need to be extra careful with their placement, if you want to have an efficient system. You’ll also need to install wiring, so we are looking for experts who fully understand this system. There are speculations that demands for these installations will increase further in the near future, considering how the price of solar panels has dropped 60% since their appearance on the market in 2011. For example, the US government will introduce tax incentives for homes that utilise this technology, and the rest of the world will surely follow their example.

Roof repairs

We all feel safer when we know the roof above our heads will be able to hold out through autumn and winter. Any roof repairs should be done while the roof is completely dry, since working on a slippery surface is just an accident waiting to happen . Luckily, the summer season is perfect for roof maintenance and most people opt to have it checked and repaired during this time. When inspecting or repairing a roof make sure you take all the necessary safety measures. These include safety ropes, rubber-soled shoes and paying close attention to nearby power lines.

When it comes to repairing a roof, make sure to use quality equipment and materials, and to pay attention to details. You want make sure that you come across as reliable and highly efficient, so that your customers can give you good reviews and spread word of mouth. Once you identify curled-back shingles you can use asphalt roof cement to reattach them – thanks to the warm weather, the whole process will be much easier to complete. In the event of a leaky roof, the damaged part is most commonly found in lower places. Once you find the damaged area, use the knife to cut the blister open and if there is water inside it make sure you squeeze it all out and give it time to dry out. Once the blister is completely dry use thick roof cement coating to close it.

PVC Windows

Lastly, due to their incredible insulation properties, resilience and utility, PVC windows have become another common request at GradedTradesmen. These windows help cut heating costs, and improve the safety of your home at the same time – double pane windows are notoriously difficult to break through without making a huge racket. This type of home improvement project is usually reserved for the warmer months, as no one wants to spend any length of time without windows during the winter, so now is a great time for PVC installation professionals to tap into the wide pool of potential online customers.

Since the added protection, modern aesthetics, high functionality and reduced energy consumption do wonders for property value, people are always on the lookout for good deals and professionals who know what they are doing. If you have the necessary skill set for installing PVC doors and windows, you are more than welcome to join this platform and make a name for yourself.

As you can see there are a lot of different requests for skilled tradesmen, so there is no reason to have any doubts about joining. This is an amazing opportunity to start a small business and advance further – after all maintaining a house is a never-ending job, so you can easily acquire a solid base of regular customers.

As you can see there are a lot of different requests for skilled tradesmen, so there is no reason to have any doubts about joining. This is an amazing opportunity to start a small business and advance further – after all maintaining a house is a never-ending job, so you can easily acquire a solid base of regular customers.

The membership on the platform is free of charge, and once you’ve set up an account you will only have to spend money on credits, which allow you to get leads for jobs, if you find interesting job opportunities that seem like they are worth your while. As long as everything goes as planned you will get positive reviews, and become a more reliable agency.

By, 25th August 2015