Cutting Costs and Getting More For Your Money: Why Estimation is Important

Everyone wants to improve their home's value and get as much for their money as possible, but it isn't always easy to get the desired effects that you want while still remaining true to a budget. Let's face it, materials, labor, and assembly are expensive.

Without the proper facts, statistics and figures, you could very easily end up with a project that's half finished with no end date in sight. While no one wants to be stuck with a project that's half complete, even fewer want to be forced to find alternative options when they run out of money. With the right approach and a penchant for safety, both mediums of cost and appearance can be achieved with additional satisfaction due to your overall thriftiness. Without a doubt, there is a lot of pride that can be achieved when finishing a project within a specific cost restraint or desired build price, and this is what we set our standards by.

When it comes to controlling costs but still managing to make ends meet, we find that it's more a matter of adhering to established guidelines and failing to do adequate research rather than being short on money, or because of an unforeseeable circumstance like a design flaw or faulty equipment.

The first step is finding several estimates that help you define an average budget.

When considering home improvement projects like solar paneling, it's important to calculate specifics, like how much power you're going to require, so it's nearly impossible to start out the project with a solid estimate. On the other hand, remodeling a kitchen accomplishes a wide variety of successful endeavors, like adding value to your home and increasing livability, and there are very specific amounts that could be spent- generally in the range of £6,300- £8,500 depending on what you want to have done. Typically speaking, you have to calculate each individual portion, including counter-tops, flooring, appliances, lighting, sometimes even restructuring, moving, or resurfacing walls and decorations. All of these projects have average costs associated with their implementation as well.

Assigning costs area

–Counter tops: Generally cost around £2,277 to completely update all counter tops in the kitchen area, depending on the quality, variety, and options that you're looking for. Add an additional £1,626 to factor in state of the art storage options or new cabinetry.

–Appliances: Vary widely, as long as the model that you're considering fits well within the assigned area in your new kitchen. It's actually more of a challenge to consider the installation and total yearly costs rather than the initial cost of the appliance itself. An oven or refrigerator could cost £325, and fit within budget, but cost another £195-325 to have professionally installed, not including energy efficiency

–Flooring: Flooring can be very expensive, depending on the design, specifications and quality. It's far cheaper to simply redo one room at a time, and when this is the case, expect to spend around £1951 for the flooring and installation. Generally speaking, higher quality flooring is harder to install, and that drives up the price further. Flooring like tile, laminate, vinyl and roll-out flooring are the cheapest, but they typically don't last as long, or provide as much selling value in the future.

–Lighting: These costs can include anything from adding windows, skylights or new lighting fixtures, which can be as expensive as you want them to be. Simple lighting options like hum-drum fixtures can cost around £325, while installing jaw-dropping chandeliers, sky lights, or bay windows could cost dramatically more.

–Walls and Decor: Like lighting, these costs can be pretty much whatever you want them to be. More expensive options like tiling the walls are going to cost more than a simple sheet rock job, and these costs must be considered. On the other hand, adding a simple coat of paint can completely change how a room looks and feels. For more information on this aspect of design that won't cost you an arm and a leg, click here.

Finding the help that you need is only a few clicks away

Obviously, there are more details that go into re-designing an area of your home, and kitchen remodeling costs are very common and standard in practically any industry, but with the proper research and few phone calls, you can get all the information you need about typical trade costs and average rates- and Graded Tradesmen can quickly find you the best pros for any job that you might need to have finished. Our site offers the most complete options to post your ideas or job, and find the help that you need.

We also offer a spectacular Home Improvement project Cost Estimation device here and get information about practically any job that you might need to be completed, with our awesome Homeowner Resources tool. With the help of the tools and resources on our site, you'll learn exactly what you can expect to spend, what you'll get out of your remodel, who can provide you the help you need, how to valuate your home, and what maintenance you should provide to keep your home in the best condition possible. We offer services in a wide variety of areas, from kitchen and bathroom remodeling to electrical, lighting and solar energy, so we're sure to have what you need when you need it most.

By, 10 March 2015