Six Improvements That Can Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

The housing market is an integral part of a healthy economy. The market is fueled by the dynamics of buying and selling. Therefore, you as a homeowner could be considering selling - think about how much value home improvement can add to your property. When the market is buoyant, some sellers see significant increases in the resale value of their homes because of renovation and remodeling projects that they undertook.

If you are really serious in making upgrades that will pay off when it’s time to sell, these pointers will surely come in handy.

1. Replace the entry door

Creating a custom walkway leading to the door can be an effective way to attract attention.

Greeting your prospects with a classy and well designed entry door is a good way to establish a good first impression. This then puts them in an excited mood making them want to see more.

Go for bright and bold shades to revamp a tired entry door. Just make sure to choose a color that appropriately matches your home. You can also cut back the flowers or grasses that are blocking the view. Distributing the plants evenly on the side of the walkways is almost always a good idea when it comes to beautifying your walkways.

Choosing a wooden front door coupled with colorful steep tiles with bold prints can give your front door the boost that it needs. You can also intensify architectural details with columns, trims, brackets and moldings.

Replacing old door handles and dressing up the porch is always a good idea if you want to give your home a newer look.

Replacing the color of your home with the colors reds, blue and rich green can help impress the prospect when you are selling your homes during winter. These are welcoming additions to an all-white outdoor backdrop. You can also pop more colors with winter blooming flowers.

2. Improve your flooring

Allow the flooring to do the marketing for you. Rehash if it looks dull. Add variety, if needed.

If you are going fully carpeted, pick the neutrals and make sure that you shampoo before the actual visit of the potential buyer. Some of these carpets give a pungent odor which your house really shouldn’t have. Small things like these can downright turn off your prospects.

While wooden flooring is one of the best, it’s also a very expensive idea. It can create a dramatic glare and you can also highlight the fact that wood floors are environment-friendly and provide better indoor air quality.

Go for marble flooring if your goal is to play with colors. This type is also the easiest to clean and carries hypoallergenic properties.

3. Give your kitchen a facelift

Give your kitchen a neat yet homey feel to entice your prospects. While most prospects would look into the master’s bedroom and bathroom first, there are those who are exceptionally critical of the kitchen – which what they consider as the heart and soul of the home. It is imperative that all appliances are in good working condition.

Make the counters gleam and the floors spotless. Replace kitchen faucet, cabinet handles and lighting fixtures when necessary. The kitchen should be the brightest part of any home. Good lighting can highlight a sleek and clean look.

Cabinets should be as dirt-free as everything else in the kitchen. You don’t want pests crawling while you try to impress potential buyers. Any sign of bugs, cockroach or rodents is a massive turn off.

If you are working on a tight budget, spend a few hundred dollars on refinishing cabinet or drawers, instead of replacing them. If you can dole out more, you can put some dangling lights on the counter and update the color of the entire kitchen. Marry the minimalist lines with modular innovation with matte gray hues and wood.

If you have a knack for DIYs, by all means, let your magic do the enhancements in your kitchen. There are several websites that offer step-by-step guide on how to accomplish DIY home improvements.

4. Consider doors instead of windows

Replacing old windows with French doors that open to the garden, backyard or swimming pool can create the drama you need for your bland interior design. This actually makes the room more spacious, bright and sophisticated. It also creates a better ventilation system especially during summer.

5. Modernize the bathroom

There are tons of ways to remodel or upgrade the overall charm of your bathroom. You can start by rearranging the layout, adding of storage or replacing some fixtures.

Decide on the theme and color (or hue) that you want. If you are going for the modern look, glass panels and see through shower area can help you achieve your goal. A freestanding white acrylic tub is also a great addition. Finish it with striated tiles.

Placing a bathtub, putting candles on the side and dramatic dim lights can get you the relaxing feel of a spa. Essential oil diffusers can also help you deodorize bathrooms.

6. Choose smart home technology

While beauty is probably one of the main focuses of the prospects when deciding whether or not to buy your home, there are also those whose focus is security. True enough, with how beautiful homes are burglar magnet, giving your prospects the feeling of security while having your amazing home makes it almost impossible for them to resist.

Cover the basics first if you can’t afford an entire high technology ensemble. Smoke sensors, carbon monoxide leak detectors and break-in alarms are a must. Make sure you secure garage doors as most thieves take advantage of this “other” entry door of your home.

If you haven’t heard of “smart homes”, then this is the best time for you to know that a lot of real estate shoppers are considering this. This may sound futuristic, but this trend is here to stay. Imagine how convenient it is to control almost all appliances using one mobile device.

Convenience is what people get out of smart homes; peace of mind from security systems.

While these improvements can easily snatch you potential buyers, hiring a reputable realtor is always a good idea. Aside from his wide network, his sound suggestions can tremendously boost your home’s selling price. It’s also advisable to get his inputs prior to starting with any home improvements you have in mind.

With the right home improvement decisions, you can dramatically boost your home’s resale value. If you’re planning to sell your house and are looking for ways to increase its resale value, then go to our Find Pros section now and connect with our expert tradesmen.

By, 28 July 2015